About Me

I performed for the first time as a singerat the age of 10, in the choir of the Sistine Chapel, in front of Giovanni Paolo II. My artistic training beganat a youngage, I studiedsinging and perfected my vocal technique, a fundamental passage to managemy “difficult voice” (vocalextension of 4 octaves), I study and I love “bel canto”.

To my “pleasure and shame” have been linked manytimes and in many newspaper articles, to the wonderful voice of Freddie Mercury.

Over the years in Italy, I participated in Musicals and TV programs, TV drama and TV advertising, the success comeswhen in 2012 I abandonedallentrepreneurialactivities and I moved to Moscow, Russia (to which I owe a lot), where in a fewyears, I found a place in the hearts of the people of the East, with concerts and performances on TV.

Eventoday I performregularly in Russia.

Theyconsider me an Influencer on instagram (@christian_panico_official), where I denounce the progressive cultural and emotionalimpoverishment, I observe the fashions and theirchange over time, butaboveall, howtheyinfluence the masses, “Understanding the minds of others, helps to understandmyself”.

I am passionate aboutVeganism, Athletics, Apnea, Photography, Music, Cinema, Writing, Psychology, Philosophy, Travel, Archeology, Art in general, Literature, Esotericism and Mysticism.